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Dr. Sanja Tomić

Head of laboratory
Vanjski Suradnik
Academic title
Division of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry
Ruđer Bošković Institute
Bijnička 54
HR-10000 Zagreb
Curriculum vitae

Research Areas


Projects since 2003


2002. – 2004. bilateral project with Germany (R.C. Wade), 'Vorhersagen zur Selectivität, Regulierung und Inhibition von Enzymen durch COMBINE Analyse',

2002. – 2003. bilateral project with Austria (M. Ramek), 'Combinedab initio, molecular mechanics, molecular dynamics and QSAR approach to plant hormone auxins'.

2004. – 2005. bilateral project with Austria (M. Ramek), 'Combined application of quantum mechanics and molecular mechanics methods in study of molecules important in biology and biotechnology '. 

2005. – 2006. bilateral project with Slovenia (D. Janežič) 'Computational simulations of protein structure and dynamics'.

2007. – 2008. bilateral project with Slovenia (D. Janežič) 'Study of protein structure and dynamics by computational methods '.

'Proučavanje strukture i dinamike proteina računalnim metodama'.

2008. – 2010. bilateral project with Austria (Grit Daniele Stragaz), 'Reactivity of metal centres in proteins - theoretical study '.

2009 – 2010. bilateral project with Slovenia (Milan Hodošček), 'Theoretical study of reactivity of metal centers in proteins'

2007 – 2013. MZOŠ project ‘Computational study of bio-macromolecules and development of new algorithms’ (098-1191344-2860)

2012 – 2015 'Alexander von Humboldt, Research Group Linkage' programm: 'Study of plant enzymes from metallopeptidase families M20 and M49’

2014 – 2017 HRZZ project: 'Flexibility, activity and structure correlations in the dipeptidyl peptidase III family' (01.07.2014-31.10.2017)

2016 – 2017 Bilateral project with Austria (Karl Gruber, TU, Graz), 'AnInterdisciplinary Study on Atypical Dipeptidyl Peptidases III (DPPs III) Structure and Dynamics '.

2018 - HRZZ project: 'Biological relevance of dipeptidyl peptidase III and its impact on human health DPP3BioRe’, in process of negotiation.'

Publications - editorial books

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Publications - book chapters

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Publications - journal articles

Izvorni znanstveni rad

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Prikaz, osvrt, kritika

Stručni rad

Publications - conference proceedings

Sažetak izlaganja sa skupa

Stručni rad

Izvorni znanstveni rad

  • Agić, Dejan; Bešlo, Drago; Lučić, Bono; Tomić, Sanja; Blagojević, Bojana; Popović, Boris M. | Computational study on the interactions of quercetin 3-O-rutinoside with human DPP III // Book of Proceedings, 2nd International Conference on Chemo and Bioinformatics. Kragujevac: University of Belgrade, 2023. str. 629-632 doi: 10.46793/iccbi23.629a
  • Tomić, Sanja ; Brkić, Hrvoje ; Grabar Branilović, Marina ; Tomić, Antonija ; Branimir, Bertoša ; Mile, Šikić | Proteini i nukleinske kiseline u vremenu i prostoru // Bioinformatics and biological physics: proceedings of the scientific meeting / Paar, Vladimir (ur.). Zagreb: Hrvatska akademija znanosti i umjetnosti (HAZU), 2013. str. 149-157

  • Šikić, Krešimir ; Tomić, Sanja, Jeren, Branko | Identifying protein flexibility by NMA // Proceedings of the 2008 International Conference on Bioinformatics & Computational Biology / Arabnia, Hamid R. (ur.). 2008. str. 927-933

  • Šikić, Krešimir ; Tomić, Sanja ; Jeren, Branko | The protein secondary structure flexibility // Proceedings of the 2008 International Conference on Bioinformatics & Computational Biology / Arabnia, Hamid R. (ur.). 2008. str. 918-926


Publications - Conference journals

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Publications - Conference unpublished

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Publications - Graded papers

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Other Publications


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