fotografija Dubravka Risovića

Dubravko Risović

senior scientist
+385 1 456 1122


Krilo 1/202

Rudjer Boskovic Institute
Molecular Physics Laboratory
Bijenicka c 54.
HR-10000 Zagreb


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Place Zagreb
          Institution University of Zagreb, Faculty of Natural and Mathematical sciences
          Title of qualification awarded Ph.D. in Physics
Place Zagreb
          Institution University of Zagreb, Faculty of Natural and Mathematical Sciences
          Title of qualification awarded Accomplished postgraduated study in Atomic and molecular physics
Place Zagreb
          Institution University of Zagreb, Faculty of Natural and Mathematical Sciences
          Title of qualification awarded Graduated degree in physics ( physics)


    Project leader  098-0982915-2899  "Organizational processes and optical interactions in condensed molecular systems" 2010- 2015                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Awards and Achievements

Applied Surface Science  CERTIFICATE OF OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION IN REVIEWING  in recognition of the contribution made to the quality of the journal  (June 2014 )


2006-     University of Zagrebu, PMF, Geological Dept., Interdisciplinary doctorate study of oceanology, curriculum  8708 "Ocean optics" (2+2 hours).

1999-2006   University of Zagrebu, PMF, Geological Dept, postgraduate Interdisciplinary study of oceanology: curriculum "Laser ocean optics" (8+8 hours)

 1994-2000     University of Zagrebu, Interdisciplinary postgraduate study "Navigation and guidance of moving objects":  curriculum "Navigation and Guidance Sensor systems " (30+30 hours)

Featured Publications

Scientific area:

- selforganization processes and interactions at interfaces : pubs. 1-7

- optical interactions: pubs. 8-10.

(IF = 5year average)

 1. D. Risović, S. Frka and Z. Kozarac, “Application of Brewster angle microscopy and fractal analysis in investigations of compressibility of Langmuir monolayers”, Journal of  Chemical Physics, 134, 024701  (2011) doi:10.1063/1.3522646B:                         IF: 2.928

 2. D. RisovićInterfacial adsorption with molecular reorientation” J. Electroanal. Chem. 588 (1), 122-128(2006)        IF: 2.706

 3. Z. Kozarac, D. Risović, S. Frka and, D. Möbius, “Reflection of light from the air/water interface covered with sea-surface microlayers,” Marine Chemistry, 96 (1-2) 99-113 (2005)            IF: 3.276

 4. D. Risović, B. Gašparović, B. Ćosović, “The impact of fractal geometry on permittivity and related quantities”, The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 106, 9810-9814 (2002)          IF: 4.581

 5. D. Risović, B. Gašparović, and B. Ćosović, “Fractal and Voltammetric Study of Linoleic Acid Adsorption at the Mercury/Electrolyte Solution Interface” Langmuir, 17, No4, 1088-1095 (2001)       IF: 4.363

 6. Gašparović, D. Risović and  B. Ćosović, “Complex voltammetric and fractal study of adsorbed layer’s structure of pure Triton-X-100 and in mixture with o- or p-nitrophenol”, Electrochimica Acta, 49 (20),3383-3396 (2004)     IF: 3.853

 7. D. Risović, S. Mahović Poljaček, K. Furić and M. Gojo, " Inferring fractal dimension of rough/porous surfaces - a comparison of SEM image analysis and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy methods", Applied Surface Science, 255 (2008) 3063-3070         IF: 1.895

 8. D. Risović: "Two component model of sea particle size distribution", Deep-Sea Research, Part I-Oceanographic research Papers, 40, 1459-1473 (1993)         IF: 2.916

9. D. Risović and M. Martinis: "Fractal dimensions of suspended particles in seawater", Journal of Colloid and Interface Sciences, 182, .199-203 (1996)           IF: 3.223

 10.  D. Risović, “Effect of suspended particulate-size distribution on the backscattering ratio in remote sensing of seawater”, Applied Optics (LPEO) 41 (33),7092-7101, (2002)        IF: 1.817         

Membership in professional associations / societies

- Regular member Optical Society of America (OSA) (from 1995)

- Regular member SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering (from 1994)

 - Member of specialist work groups OSA i SPIE.

CROLAB- Association of Croatian Laboratories - founder, member  of the Board of directors, (2003-  ),   Vice-president (2003- 2008)

SEMICRO- Association Croatian semiconductor Cluster – member


EUROMET-INTMET ( TC Interdisciplinary metrology) – representative of the Republic of Croatia (2005-  )

Ruđer Bošković Institute - Quality manager

Croatian Standards Institute:

 -        President of the Standardization Committee TO76 "Security of optical radiation and laser equipment" (1999- present)

-        President of the Standardization Committee TO172 "Optics and optical instrumentation" (1999- 2015)

 Croatian Accreditation agency     Expert assessor for the field of optical radiation and spectroscopy (2007- )

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