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UV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometer UV-3600 using an integrating sphere attachment enables the measurement of optical characteristics of solid samples, thin films and foils. Also the transmittance and reflectance of liquid samples can be measured. Characteristics of the instrument: Light sources: 50W halogen lamp (UV) and deuterium lamp (VIS and NIR). UV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometer consists of three detectors: PMT (photomultiplier tube) for the ultraviolet and visible regions, InGaAs detector and cooled PbS detector for the near-infrared region. InGaAs detector is particularly effective in increasing the sensitivity in the transition range between visible and near infrared.

General instrument information

Short name
Inventory number
srednja (26.544,56 – 132.722,81 EUR / 200.000 – 1.000.000 HRK)
Instrument type
Analysis type
optička karakterizacija
Standalone or bound
Equipment condition
potpuno funkcionalan
Fizika , Geofizika , Kemija
Year of manufacture
Financing body
Ministarstvo znanosti i obrazovanja Republike Hrvatske
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Operating and measuring scope
Wavelength range: 185 to 3300 nm; Spectral bandwidth: VIS/UV region: 0.1 to 8 nm (in 8 steps), NIR region: 0.2 to 32 nm (in 10 steps); Resolution: 0.1 nm
Principle of work
Visible and ultraviolet light lies in the wavelength range from ~10 do 750 nm. When light is absorbed by a material, valence (outer) electrons are promoted from their normal (ground) states to higher energy (excited) states. When light passes through or is reflected from a sample, the amount of light absorbed is the difference between the incident radiation (Io) and the transmitted radiation (I). The amount of light absorbed is expressed as either transmittance (T) or absorbance (A): (A): T = I / Io; A = -log T. In the UV-VIS spectrum often occur broad absorption peaks due to the number of vibrational energy levels and transitions. The appearance of broad absorption peaks point to the presence of chromophores in the investigated sample.
Detailed technical characteristics
Measuring range: 185 - 3300 nm Resolution: 0.1 nm Spectral bandwidth: in the UV-VIS range from 0.1 nm to 8 nm (in 8 steps); in the NIR range from 0.2 nm up to 32 nm (in 10 steps) Wavelength accuracy: UV/VIS region:+-0.2 nm; NIR region:+-0.8 nm Wavelength scanning speed: max. 4500 nm/min (UV/VIS), max. 9000 nm/min (NIR region/InGaAs), max. 4000 nm/min (NIR region/PbS) Photometric system: Double-beam system Photometric range: Absorbance: -6 Abs to +6 Abs Light source: 50 W halogen lamp (UV) and Deuterium lamp (VIS and NIR) Detector: UV/VIS region: photomultiplier tube; NIR region: INGaAs photodiode and cooled PbS photoconductive element Monochromator: Grating/grating-type double monochromator
Additional equipment
Integrating Sphere Attachment Cells for liquid (different optical path, made of glass and fused silica) Sample Compartment (for cell and film holder) Film Holder Program: UV-Probe 2.33
Remote work


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