Sanja Kapitanović


Senior Scientist
+385 1 456 1108


+385 1 456 1010

Krilo 5/208

Laboratory for Personalized Medicine
Division of Molecular Medicine
Ruđer Bošković Institute
Bijenička c. 54
10000 Zagreb


School of Medicine, University of Zagreb, 1983-1988

1988. MD, School of Medicine, University of Zagreb

1989. Croatian Medical Licensing Exam (Medical Licence)

Postgraduate Studies in Oncology, School of Medicine, University of Zagreb, 1989-1991

1992. MSc in Medicine, School of Medicine, University of Zagreb

1997. PhD in Medicine, School of Medicine, University of Zagreb


1999-2002, principal investigator of grant for young scientists:Molecular genetics of colon tumors.

2002–2006, principal investigator of scientific project:Molecular genetics of gastrointestinal tumors.

2002-2006, collaborator of scientific project:Cyclooxigenase-2: new target for chemoprevention and treatment of colon tumors.

2007-today, principal investigator of scientific project:Molecular genetics and pharmacogenetics of gastrointestinal tumors.

Awards and Achievements

1994. CroatianAcademyofSciencesand Arts Award for Special Achievements in Science

2006. National Award for Science in Biomedicine.


2003-today, Course Leader: Molecular genetics of gastrointestinal tumors, Doctoral Study in Biomedicine and Health Sciences, School of Medicine, University of Zagreb

2007-today, Course Leader:Personalized medicine – predictive medicine and pharmacogenetics, Doctoral Study inMolecular biosciences, School of Medicine, University of Osijek/Ruđer Bošković Institute

2009-today Course Leader: Molecular diagnostics, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb

Featured Publications

1. Kapitanović S, Radošević S, Kapitanović M, Anđelinović Š, Ferenčić Ž, Tavassoli M, Primorac D, Sonicki Z, Spaventi Š, Pavelić K, Spaventi R. The expression of p185HER-2/neu correlates with the stage of disease and survival in colorectal cancer. Gastroenterology 1997; 112: 1103-1113.

2. Popović Hadžija M, Kapitanović S, Radošević S, Čačev T, Mirt M, Kovačević D, Lukač J, Hadžija M, Spaventi R, Pavelić K. Loss of heterozygosity of DPC4 tumor suppressor gene in human sporadic colon cancer. J Mol Med 2001; 79: 128-132.

3. Kapitanović S, Čačev T, Spaventi R, Pavelić K. Submerged gel electrophoresis on Spreadex gels – a new method for APC gene mutation detection. J Mol Med 2001; 79: 333-337.

4. Pavelić K, Križanac Š, Čačev T, Popović-Hadžija M, Radošević S, Crnić I, Levanat S, Kapitanović S. Aberration of FHIT gene associated with increased tumor proliferation and decreased apoptosis – clinical evidence in lung and head and neck carcinomas. Mol Med 2001; 7: 442-453.

5. Pavelić K, Kolak T, Kapitanović S, Radošević S, Spaventi Š, Krušlin B. Gastric cancer: the role of insulin-like growth factor 2 (IGF2) and its receptors (IGF1R and M6-P/IGF2R). J Pathology 2003; 201: 430-438.

6. Kapitanović S, Čačev T, Berković M, Popović Hadžija M, Radošević S, Seiwerth S, Spaventi Š, Pavelić K, Spaventi R. Nm23-H1 expression and loss of heterozygosity in colon adenocarcinoma. J Clinical Pathology 2004; 57: 1312-1318.

7. Čačev T, Radošević S, Spaventi R, Pavelić K, Kapitanović S. NF1 gene loss of heterozygosity and expression analysis in sporadic colon cancer. Gut 2005; 54(8): 1129-

8. Antica M, ČiČin Šain L, Kapitanović S, Matulić M, Džebro S, Dominis M. Aberrant Ikaros, Aiolos and Helios expression in Hodgkin  and non-Hodgkin lymphoma.  Blood 2008; 111: 3296 - 3297.

9. Čačev T, Radošević S, Križanac Š, Kapitanović S. Influence of interleukin-8 and interleukin-10 on sporadic colon cancer development and progression. Carcinogenesis 2008; 29: 1572-1580.

10. Catela Ivković T, Lončar B, Spaventi R, Kapitanović S. Association of H-ras polymorphisms and susceptibility to sporadic colon cancer. Int J Oncol 2009; 35: 1169-1173.

11. Cigrovski Berković M, Jokić M, Marout J, Radošević S, Zjačić-Rotkvić V, Kapitanović S. IL-2 -330 T/G SNP and serum values – potential new tumor markers in neuroendocrine tumors of gastrointestinal tract and pancreas (GEP-NETs). J Mol Med 2010; 88: 423-429.

Membership in professional associations / societies

Croatian Society for Human Genetics

Medical Association of Croatia

Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts Committee for genomics and proteomics in oncology

European Association for Cancer Research (EACR)

European Society for Human Genetics (ESHG)

Board for Bioethics, Ruđer Bošković Institute

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