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Fotokemija: Reakcijski mehanizmi i primjene u organskoj sintezi i biologiji

Fotokemija je važno multidisciplinarno znanstveno područje zbog brojnih razvijenih primjena u suvremenim tehnologijama. Predloženi projekt usmjeren je na proučavanje nekoliko temeljnih fotokemijskih reakcija, kao i na pronalaženje primjene tih reakcija u organskoj sintezi i biologiji.

Principal investigator: Nikola Basarić

Diamondoid Amines – New Ligands in Supramolecular Systems

Ligands which bind receptors giving stable supramolecular systems are of utmost importance in biotechnology and technological applications. Cucurbituril systems (CB[n], n = 5, 6, 7, 8, 10) have recently been studied as efficient supramolecular receptors for molecular recognition in water. The water environment is a challenge when designing suitable ligands, seeing as they are usually small, hydrophobic organic molecules. The best binding interactions with CB[n] can be accomplished by ligands that combine cationic and hydrophobic subunits in their structure, like for example diamondoid compounds.

Principal investigator: Marina Šekutor

Synthesis and photochemistry of aniline derivatives for development of new photocages

Photocages (photochemically cleavable protective groups) have wide spectrum of applications in chemistry, biology and medicine, and therefore, they have been intensively investigated recently. The main goal of this project is the design and synthesis of new photocleveable protective groups. Within the project implementation new aniline photocages with improved properties will be prepared and the photochemical reaction mechanisms of deprotection investigated. A series of carboxylic acid and alcohol derivatives protected with new aniline photocages will be prepared. These compounds are anticipated to react in the photochemical reaction of heterolysis, leading to deprotection.

Supramolecular control of photoeliminations

Dynamics of supramolecular systems facilitates control of the photochemical reactivity and opens opportunities for reactions which cannot be conducted by conventional synthetic methods, in the thermal reactions in isotropic solution. The main strategy of the proposed project is to apply different supramolecular systems to control photochemical reactivity.

Principal investigator: Nikola Basarić

Photochemistry of polycyclic molecules: From mechanistic studies to new drugs and medicinal applications


Photons are phenomenal reagents which open new opportunities in chemical synthesis that cannot be attained in the chemistry of ground state. The goal of the project was to find new photochemical transformations applicable in organic synthesis, as well as investigation of the photochemical reaction mechanisms. In addition, the aim of the project was to go beyond the state of the art, and ultimately find application of photochemistry in new medical treatments and synthesis of new compounds, potential drug molecules for treating malignant diseases.

Principal investigator: Nikola Basarić

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