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Mikroinjektor WPI-uPUMP s mikromanipulatorom WPI-MM3301R


The µPUMP has a built in pressure supply making it an ideal choice when it is going to be moved between benches and labs.

Designed to simplify intracellular injection and a variety of other microinjection tasks, the µPUMP uses carefully regulated air pressure for injecting cells with fluid. Injected volumes range from picoliters to nanoliters. The port supplies positive pressure for high-pressure ejection. The pressure port maintains a low positive “compensation” pressure to the injecting pipette between injection pulses to prevent fluid uptake through capillary action.

Timing, injection pressure and compensation pressure are adjusted independently using the touch screen interface and control knob. Time intervals can range from 2 seconds down to 10 ms or less, depending on the injection pressure setting. The injection pressure interval is triggered by using a foot switch, manually, or a computer-controlled TTL pulse.

The µPUMP offers separate regulated compensation (back filling prevention) and ejection pressures with a precision timing circuit that switches from injection pressure to compensation pressure automatically.

The display provides easy visibility of key data settings including Injector Pressure, Compensation Pressure, Tank Status, Injection Time, Pump Injection Mode and Injection Count


The M3301 is a popular Manual Micromanipulator, because it is accurate, well-engineered and lightweight, at just 550 g. It's solid micromanipulator design delivers smooth, repeatable movements without drift. It has a slim, space-saving design. Units can stand tightly grouped, as all control knobs project to the rear. Resolution is quick because the control knobs are clustered within an 8 cm area in a single vertical plane. The hand works blindly while the eye monitors the microscopic image. Vernier scales allow readings to 0.1 mm. x-axis fine control allows readings to 10μm.

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Skraćeni naziv instrumenta
Mikroinjektor WPI-uPUMP s mikromanipulatorom WPI-MM3301R
sitna (< 26.544,56 EUR / 200.000 kn)
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uPUMP, MM3301R
Detaljne tehničke karakteristike
Internal Tank Pressure 0-100 PSI (tank automatically refills when the pressure falls below 90 psi)
Injection Pressure Range, Controlled 0.07-87 PSI
Injection Pressure Increment 0.1 PSI
Regulator Accuracy ±0.1 PSI
Output Connector Quick Disconnect (compatible with capillary kit 300753)
Pulse Width
Time Interval: 0.001 to 2.000 s
Time Increment: 0.001 s
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