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This small-footprint, plug-and-play spectrometer is perfect for applications that require sensitivity in the near-infrared region such as tunable laser wavelength characterization and general NIR spectroscopy. The NIR256 Spectrometer features a temperature-regulated 256-element InGaAs array detector and is effective in the 0.9-2.1µm wavelength range or 1.2-2.1 µm range, depending on the grating selected. The NIR256 has a diffractive grating-based optical bench and 16-bit USB A/D converter that are conveniently mounted in the same housing. This integrated design makes the NIR256 a 153 mm x 105 mm x 76 mm small-footprint system and eliminates the need for additional spectrometer-to-A/D converter cabling. A +5 VDC wall transformer (included) is required to operate the system's high-performance InGaAs array detector.nterfacing the NIR256 to a PC via the USB port supports hot swapping of the spectrometer. Load OOIBase32 Spectrometer Operating software onto a PC and connect the NIR256; the software recognizes and reads data programmed on the NIR256 and adjusts parameters specific to that spectrometer, saving time and reducing configuration errors. The data programmed into a memory chip on each NIR256 includes wavelength calibration coefficients, linearity coefficients and the serial number unique to each spectrometer.The NIR256 also has a serial port for interfacing to PCs, PLCs and other devices that support the RS-232 communication protocol. (Serial port use requires an external power supply.)The NIR256 features an SMA 905 connector and is fully compatible with the Ocean Optics line of fiber optic accessories including optical fibers, cuvette holders and probes. Ocean Optics recommends its LS-1 Tungsten Halogen Light Source for use with the NIR512. The LS-1 is a versatile white-light source optimized for the VIS-NIR (360 nm-2 µm) range. The lamp offers high color temperature, extremely efficient output and very long life in a compact bulb. The LS-1 also comes with a 12 VDC power supply (a European power supply is also available) and power cord.

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NIR Fiber Optic Spectrometers
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sitna (< 26.544,56 EUR / 200.000 kn)
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