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Artificial Receptors for Bacillus anthracis Specific Anthrose Detection

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Znanstveno-istraživački projekti
Science for Peace
North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
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175000 EUR
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Researchers from the United States of America in cooperation with scientists from Croatia have been working together since November 2011 to develop a solid-phase synthesis of novel cyclic peptide receptor, its optimization using combinatorial chemistry approach, and library screening for optimal anthrose binding. Completion of the proposed studies will pave the way for the design and synthesis of new photophysical sensors for anthrose monosaccharide, and thus new detection systems for rapid and selective B. anthracis spores detection. The main research goal is to develop a novel B. anthracis sensory system based on the detection of a unique saccharide, anthrose, which is present exclusively on the surface of B. anthracis spores. To achieve this goal, novel anthrose specific sensors will be prepared, based on modified peptide antibiotic polymyxin. Advantages of this approach include relatively simple structure of the sensory molecule, ease of synthesis, unlimited access to sensor’s synthetic analogs, storage stability and low cost. Within the two year of the project period the group has successfully synthesized model bicyclic peptide, control glucose lipidic derivative and key precursors necessary for final anthrose derivative system. Glucose and anthrose lipidic derivatives will be used in peptide library screening for selective anthrose binding. Over the coming months the synthesis of anthrose lipidic derivative precursors will take place, and their structural characterization using NMR spectroscopy and mass spectrometry.

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