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Integrirana infrastruktura EURONS - Europska nuklearna struktura

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Tip projekta
Znanstveno-istraživački projekti
Europska komisija
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14056000 EUR
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EURONS is the Integrated Infrastructure Initiative of the European nuclear structure scientists. Institutions from 27 countries represent the community at large and within an equal opportunity structure. It proposes a coherent and complementary ensemble of networking, transnational access and joint research project activities underpinning new European large-scale projects and commitments. Moreover, it represents a quantum leap in European Integration, where in practice the coordination level is expected to surpass those of comparable communities and sister facilities in the United States and Japan. In this spirit, EURONS builds on a successful and rich tradition of interplay between theory and experiment, and universities and large-scale infrastructures and continues collaborative European research actions which already were initiated and recognised during preceding framework programs. This optimisation of European resources will not only maintain, but even enhance the historical lead of the European nuclear structure scientists. The access to the world-class facilities UCL-CRC (B), ECT* (EUR), GANIL (F), GSI (D), CERN -ISOLDE (EUR), JYU-JYFL (FIN), RUG-KVI (NL), INFN-LNL (I) constitute the backbone of EURONS. The highly successful FP5 Infrastructure Cooperat ion Network FINUPHY will thus be intensified in order to reach a further level of quality and quantity of access. Further improvements and extensions of these facilities are the objectives of the 11 Joint Research Proposals of EURONS. The Networking Acti vities of EURONS have a more prospective character with an emphasis on fostering future cooperations, pooling of resources (including human capital), stimulating complementarity and ensuring broad dissemination of results. This includes also the activities for the integration of East-European Scientists from the new EU members and the candidate countries.

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