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Ruđer’s First Science Quiz

17.7.2014. 18:00

It is our pleasure to invite you again to the Ruđer’s First Science Quiz that will take place at 18:00 on Thursday 17th July 2014 at the Mibra’s first floor. Expected duration is around 2 hours. The language of the quiz is English and the format is a typical pub quiz - teams from 2 to 5 persons answer question that are read out loud and projected on the screen. Teams write their answers on a sheet of paper and the team with the highest number of points at the end of the last round wins. Questions will cover a range of natural and technical sciences, as well as facts from popular culture relating to science and scientists, so we recommend you to compose teams of people with different backgrounds. Participation fee is 5 kn per person and it will be used for the award fund.

Please bear in mind that the capacity of the Mibra’s first floor is limited so the teams who send their applications early will have a precedence. Applications should be sent by email to the contact organizer and they should contain a team name, full names of all team members and a side note if a team member is not an employee of the RBI. If you do not have a team, come to the quiz 15 minutes before start so that you can team up with others without a team. In this case please also send us an email in advance.
Here are a couple of questions from the previous quiz.

1. Which one of these famous (action) actors has a Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering?

A) Dolph Lundgren
B) Steven Seagal
C) Jean-Claude Van Damme
D) Bruce Willis

2. There are four elements in the periodic table named after a small village Ytterby in Sweden. What are the names of these elements?

3. They went to remote parts of the world to study primates in their natural habitats - orangutans in Borneo, chimpanzees in Tanzania, gorillas in Rwanda. They were called “The trimates” or “Leakey’s angels”, and their work was described in multiple books and movies.  

What are the names of these three women who contributed greatly to our understanding of primates?

Your organizers,

Matija Piškorec, Zrinka Karačić Damir Korenčić Boris Okorn

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