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Professor Branko Souček - Herak edicija

Professor Branko Souček

Pioneer of the computer science and cybernetics in Croatia

Karolj Skala, Ruđer Bošković Institute, Zagreb, Croatia

Background and short biography
Souček Branko professor and researcher of computer science was born in Bjelovar, March 25,,1930. He received his BSc degree at the Technical faculty in 1955 and his PhD degree at the electro technical faculty 1963 [ETF, now Faculty of electrotehnics and computing] in Zagreb. After receiving BSc he has worked at the Institute “Ruđer Bošković” 1955-1964, 1966-1972. At the same time from 1963 he was a lecturer at Electro technical Faculty and at the Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics, where he worked from 1977-1984, 1988-1993, as a full professor of computing. He worked as a researcher in Brookhaven National Laboratory NY, 1964-1966. He was a full professor at the State University of New York (1973-1976) and at the University of Arizona (1984-1987). He was an expert for the International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA and for the United Nation Industrial Development Organization UNIDO. His biography has been included in the Who is Who in the World 2001 and 2008. He received the “Nikola Tesla” awards for scientific work in 1964 and 1969. He was a consultant for NASA, IBM, Siemens, Schering. Member of: HAZU; New York Academy of Science; American Association for Advancement of Sciences. Cofounder of Souček-Foundation which is active at the slogan “ stop the brain drain; start the brain gain”, www.zaklada-Souč .
Family status: father František; mother Marija; wife poet Snješka; children students Amalia and Branko;daughter PhD science Marina.

Scientific and research activities
From 1955-1959 he has designed the first digital computer in Croatia, and has published the first computer paper: 256 channel analyzer, memory, logic, programs, Elektrotehnika 4, 1959. He founded the first laboratory of Cybernetics at Ruđer Bošković Institute. He extended his computer into an on-line, real-time, associative analyzer. This was the brain-like computer, first in the world; it has increased the neural and nuclear specto metry by a factor of 1000 times. Souček has been an invited speaker on the Annual National Conference in Washington 1965, and on many other International conferences. Scientists from USA, Europe, China, Russia and Japan have come to Souček for specialization. Souček founded the first University course “Digital Computers”; He initiated in 1966 the first Numerički računski centar located at Ruđer Bošković Institute in Croatia which is supported in 1973 the foundation the University Computer Centre SRCE. He founded in 1969 the International Conference DATA PROCESSING, then 3-day MICRO-Seminars together with other colleagues. This MICRO seminar 1978. outgrow to one of largest International convention on information and communication technology, electronics and microelectronics MIPRO.
In that time director of BNL, USA, Willy Higinbotham; professor Takao Jchiko, Japan ministry of science and technology; and many other world science leaders have visited prof Souček in Zagreb. They discussed the future plans and programs, including NASA, SCHERING, SUNY, University of Beijing, Indian Institute of Technology. He is founder and head of the International IRIS Group and Sixth Generation Projects: BRAIN, COMPUTER. The IRIS Group comes from the world-renowned projects, laboratories and universities involved in research, development and application of the Integration of Reasoning, Informing and Serving.

Prof. Souček has performed the research, experiments and models: from the end-plate potential quantum transmitter release processes, to the complex neural event trains. He published new Cell, Brain, Mind laws: Brain Internal Language Organization BILO; Brain Event Trains BET; Brain Tissue TISS; Brain Compressor and Meter COMET; Brain Mind Attractions BRAMA; Brain Windows; Brain Genetic Intelligence Organization GENIO; Explosion of Self Organization SO BANG. He has published in 2009 the LIFEBIZ theory that follows the SOUČEK LAWS: Cell, Brain, Mind, Sex . Many life decisions are the result of pain taking trial and error: the life rules and laws are hidden. Now these laws explain the life in a new way, with the functions, equations and numbers; hence above the verbal descriptions.
Teaching and books publishing

Pofessor Souček is the author and editor of ten books published in New York and translated into Croatian, Japanese and Russian in over 100.000 copies: Minicomputers [first choice award 1973]; Microprocessors [first choice award 1976]; Computers in Neurobiology 1976; Neural and Massively Parallel Computers 1988; Neural and Concurrent Real-time Systems 1989; Dynamic, Genetic and Chaotic Programming 1992; Fuzzy, Holographic and Parallel Intelligence 1992. He is the author of a book: Quantum Mind Networks 1997.
Other activities

Prof Souček distinctively likes the nature. With family and tent he moved over the Croatian mountains and islands; and through the USA National Parks; from Atlantic to Pacific. He was a very good volley ball player and has played with his students at universities: Zagreb, Beijing, Stony Brook NY, Tucson AZ.
Conclusion about achievements

Professor Branko Souček was a leader in the design of computer systems for laboratory application. His 256 channel analysator achieved at Ruđer Bošković Institute was the first developed computer in Croatia. He intergraded fast digital circuits and small computers and changed the scientific laboratory research, measurement, and control techniques in the beginning phase of digital era. Many processes previously performed exclusively by analog hardware are being done by digital hardware and minicomputers. Prof Souček systematically in practice and his books presented the theory and application of digital data acquisition, processing and simulation of data with emphasis on the use of minicomputers and microcomputers. Later he describes new real time techniques of interest in many engineering applications: real time programming and interfacing of mini and micro computers, signal processing and experimental control extending these techniques bridging the gap between life sciences and computer science. He gave the exposition of exciting new technologies, applications and opportunities of sixth-generation computers. Charts future trends in computer and control; addresses biological signals and their computer processing; presents the adaptive learning systems, neural computer and genetic systems; and presented major avenues in associative and massively parallel systems. He has achievements in neural and parallel computers models of brain and behaviour; man-made intelligence, learning algorithms, biological communication/information process models and laws. Prof. Souček established direct link between the brain and computer sciences. Souček has discovered how the brain activity grows above the bio chemical logic; how the business grows above the life logic. His theory and practice explains the life intelligence elementary processes in form of basic functions, laws and equations and defining the self Organization of the Understanding, Consciousness, Emotions and Knowledge.

Selected publicationsand books

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